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About Us

FWM is a network exclusively for models and photographers.

It was started in 2012 by a web developer, the founder started the project, developing a website template that was based on giving to the models and photographers the possibility of creating a portfolio to increase the international visibility.

In January 2013 the first edition of FWM Magazine was launched, which started a new concept of FWM which is to allow models and photographers from different places in the world to publish their works. For this reason, FWM has different collaborators in different countries that help in the production of the magazine. Along the time there was a need to extend the magazine to a more "Hot" content and started a new magazine called FWM HOT Magazine.

Currently the FWM project continues to be maintained and developed in Paris, France. For the success of the project, FWM has several contributors in different places around the world.

FWM is a free network open to fashion professionals, if you'd like to be a part of this community subscribe today!

Do you want to contribute to FWM? Send us an email!

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